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Environmental Practices

Lotus Loves the Planet

Thanks to the help of Santa Monica's Green Resource Center, which provides free information on creating greener spaces, Santa Monica's Sustainable Works Program and so many of our friends and family we were able to build and sustain a greener health center for the people and the planet.


•Bamboo floors, formaldehyde free

•Compact florescent lighting

•Low voltage track lighting

•No V.O.C. paints & grout sealer

•“Eco-font” used for general printing using 20% less ink

•Recycled paper products:

oBathroom and facial tissues

o100% recycled manila folders

o100% post-consumer recycled printer/copier paper

     & business cards

o100% recycled multifold towels

•Organic hand soap, lotion and alcohol hand sanitizer

•Sound Insulation, formaldehyde free

•Organic cotton pillowcases

•Organic cotton towels

•Organic and biodegradable feminine products

•Adhesive bandages - recycled/recyclable, water-based,

     not animal tested

•Bamboo blankets

•Organic herbs

•Reclaimed furniture

•Organic teas

•Only Non-Toxic cleaning products

•Low flush toilets

•Window treatment to insulate temperature

•The center features medicinal herbs and flowers that are grown locally.

•Pillows made from corn fibers

•Water filter, (10 Stage) - avoid trucking water

•Environmentally safe tile sealer

•Living plants - exchange oxygen and create a natural buffer from the street sounds and heat

•Organic potting soil

•100% recycled paper jip board

•Storage boxes made of Flax

•Bio-Bags (non-GMO corn plastic) for trash bins as well as carry bags.

•Compostable cups for water and tea made from sugarcane fibers.

•Double paned windows above treatment rooms to allow for natural light and ventilation.

•Dimmer switches on dimmable lights

•Messages are accumulated and sent electronically instead of paper.

•Most of our printing is two-sided.

•Our computers are set to sleep mode instead of screensavers.

•Re-usable cups, utensils, etc. for staff.

•LED exit signs

•Encourage alternate modes of transportation (Info avail.)

•In queue for replacing outside magazine bins for bike rack.

•Books are available instead of magazine subscriptions in reception area.

•Learning how to improve everyday.

•Mindfulness in our steps.

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Green Business Re-Certification

Santa Monica Green Business Certification

Santa Monica Certified Green Business

Lotus has been awarded recertification by the Santa Monica Green Business recertification for another two years for it's commitment to staff education, waste reduction, energy efficiency, water efficiency & urban run-off, pollution prevention & chemical use, sustainable procurement & eco-purchasing, and transportation management. Here's to making the planet clean and healthy for many generations to come.


Lotus East-West Medical Center is an environmentally friendly, holistic primary care center providing acupuncture, oriental and naturopathic medicine, medical and osteopathic doctors, along with other related services. They were the first holistic medical center to achieve Santa Monica Green Business Certification in 2007.  Highlights of their green building renovation include zero-VOC paint, formaldehyde free plyboo flooring, reclaimed furniture and recycled jip-board.

Environmentally-preferred procurement ranges from organic hand soap, lotion and alcohol hand sanitizer (triclosan-free), to 100% post-consumer paper products like paper towels and business cards. Only organic, caffeine-free teas are purchased. They use "Eco-font" for general printing which uses 20% less ink. All off-site printing is contracted by Greener Printer. Non-toxic cleaning chemicals are used facility wide. They refill compostable bagasse cups with water from an onsite filtration unit installed in-house instead of purchasing plastic bottled water.  Unlike most medical facilities, they stock books on Edible Gardens and Ecological Design instead of conventional magazines. Lotus East-West office walls feature pieces from local artists.


Tel: 310.828.8258

2222 Santa Monica Blvd,

Suite 105

Santa Monica, CA 90404